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The article is devoted to one of the most urgent and complex problems of education - teacher development process to ensure children´s individuality. The author of this publication draws attention to the complex form of organization of the educational process as an adequate and effective means of educating individual pupils. The urgency of articles related to the fact that the problem of the modern use of complex form in the upbringing of the younger generation is not thoroughly studied and requires theoretical and methodological research. The article describes the theoretical propositions about the nature and structure of the complex forms of organization of educational process, the possibilities of its use in the education of individual pupils. Also, it presents a theoretical model of the complex form of organization of individuality oriented educational process in the classroom community, the stages of modeling of complex forms of pupils individuality education. The author lists the main pedagogical conditions of formation and implementation of model representations of the complex form of child education

Keywords: personality, individuality oriented process of education, integrated form of education, modeling of complex shapes

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