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Teaching Science
Kareva I.V. 1, Repnikova E.A. 2, Sentyabrev N.N. 1, Antsyperov V.V. 1

1. Volgograd State Academy of Physical Culture
2. Vladimir State University


The article is about making best conditions for formation of working posture skills of 7-9 years old dancers. The method of working posture formation is developed with the help of static dynamic exercises. It was researched that static dynamic exercises influence on: power endurance of muscles groups involved in the formation of working posture, ability to manage the movements. 20 pairs took part in the research work and they were divided into 2 groups, control and experimental of 10 pairs in each. The class condition (quality, duration, workload, quantity of training classes) were the same for each group. The difference in training was in the fact the control group was trained with the traditional method of teaching. As for the experimental group it was trained with our method, the idea of which is learning special complex of static dynamic exercises by the dancers. Besides that the difference was in the ways of preparation, used in experimental group, were chosen according to the specific nature of dancing programmes and specialization of the partners. It is stated that strict regulation of static-dynamic exercises according to amplitude and tempo of performing the exercises, so as special indications usage, having the role of biological reverse, made it possible bo improve childrens ability of experimental group of control muscular tension and differentiate muscular efforts . Usage of this method causes the significant increase of nervous-muscular apparatus functionality young dancers. There have also been significant positive changes in the indicators, characterizing ability to reproduce spatial temporal parameters of young dancers. Analising the results of control testing we can state better results of the experimental groups in the level of their physical training for both programmes dance performance (static, dynamic and speed power endurance and coordination ability essentially increase the quality of working posture performance in Evropean and Latino-American programmes.

Keywords: sport dance, static-dynamic exercises, working posture skills formation, muscle efforts, muscle tension, power endurance, amplitude, tempo, differentiate muscular efforts, spatial temporal parameters.

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